Sophomore Class Elections Today

The elections of the Sophomore class officers for this year will be held today by Australian ballot in the CRIMSON office from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. There have been no additions to the list of nominations and none of those nominated have resigned. The list of nominations, as made by the committee elected from the class, is as follows: for president, R. M. Faulkner, L. K. Lunt; for vice-president, T. C. Defriez 2nd., E. T. Wentworth; for secretary, E. P. Currier, G. C. Good. All men who entered with 1909, either in regular standing or as special students, or men who have been admitted to Sophomore standing since then, will be allowed to vote.

The following have been appointed watchers at the polls at the hours named: 9 to 10--R. M. Middlemass, W. D. Phillipbar; 10 to 11--S. Kelly, H. B. Barton; 11 to 12--A. S. Olmsted, E. T. Hanfstaengl; 12 to 1--F. H. Burr, N. S. Simpkins; 1 to 2--E. M. Gilbert, G. Gund; 2 to 3--F. M. Blagden, R. Ellis; 2 to 4--G. M. Gilbert, J. D. Leland; 4 to 5--S. D. Bush, B. Crocker; 5 to 6--H. McCall, T. Roosevelt, Jr.