Practice of Yale Team Yesterday

NEW HAVEN, CONN., Nov. 7--In a thirty-minute scrimmage this afternoon the University team scored twice on the second. The defence of the university eleven was weak, and the second gained consistently by centre plays. No forward passes were tried and line pushes and on side kicks were the principal plays used. There was considerable fumbling by both teams, and a strong wind prevented any effective punting. Biglow, Erwin, Brides and Alcott were given a rest today. The following coaches were on the field: Camp, Owsley, Forguson, Fly, Metealf, Thorne, Hinkey, Hoyt, Rockwell. The line-up of the university team, was as follows: l.e., Forbes; l.t., Paige; l.g., Gillis; c., Hockenberger; r.g., Holloway; r.t., Foster; r.e., H. Jones, Hagan; q.b., T. Jones; l.h., Veeder, Bomar; r.h., Knox, Linn; f.b., Morse, Weineken.