Magazine Articles by Harvard Men

The following articles by graduates of the University have appeared in the December magazines:

Atlantic--"Some Unpublished Correspondence of David Garrick, II," by G. P. Baker '81; "New National Forces and the Old Law," by M. M. Bigelow '79; "Christmas and the Literature of Disillusion," by S. McC. Crothers h.'99; "The Spell of Whitman," by M. A. DeW. Howe '87; "The House of Lords," by W. Everett '59; "The Measure of Greatness," by N. S. Shaler '62.

American--"Mile-A-Minute Madness," by W. P. Eaton '00.

Appleton's--"The Glory of Winter," by W. H. Page '90; "Current Reflections," by E. S. Martin '77.

Century--"Motherhood," by T. T. Bouve '50; "Doors of Daring," by H. Van Dyke h.'94; "The Forbidden Guests," by John Corbin '92.

Everybody's--"The Terrible Story of the Congo," by R. E. Park '99.

Harper's--"After the Wedding," by W. D. Howells h.'67; "New Orleans," by C. H. White '97.

Scribner's--"Hennebont and the Fleet," by E. Sutton '85.