Recent Corporation Appointments

At a recent meeting of the Corporation; the following appointments--were made; H. M. Scheffer, assistant in Philosophy; for one year from September 1, 1806; F. W. Palfrey. '98 M. D., assistant in Clenical Medicine, from December 1, 1906, for the remainder of the academic year A. Rohder, assistant in the Arnold from September 1, 1906; H. D, '29, assistant in Materid Medice, for one year, from September, 1, 1906; Egglt, Aggege-des-lettres, Fellow of the Cercle, Francals de 1'Universite Harvard for one year from September, 1, 1906.

The following chauges in titles were , H. E. Frevert '05, from Peaching Fellow in Chemistry to historic in Chemistry; P. W. Carleton '06, from assistant in Chemistry to Anstin Teaching Fellow in Chemistry: F. G. Fitzpatrick, from assistant in Fine Arts to Austin Teaching Fellow in Fine Arts; A. M. Hurlin '06, from assistant in Music to Austin Teaching Fellow in Music: H. J. Spinden '06, from assistant in Anthropology to Austin Teaching Fellow in Anthropology.