C. S. M. A. Meets in Philadelphia

The twentieth annual convention of the Church Students' Missionary Association will be held in Philadelphia today, tomorrow and Thursday. This association is an organization of Episcopal students from about 36 colleges and schools in the United States and Canada, the object of which is to present to its members the claims of missions and the ministry. By the aid of the Association a missionary is maintained in China. Last year the convention met in Cambridge at Phillips Brooks House.

About 100 delegates and visitors will attend the convention this year and will be entertained by the Philadelphia Divinity School The St. Paul's Society has sent as delegates to the convention N. B. Groton '07 and E. S. Hale '08.

Besides the church and business meetings, a number of conferences by prominent Episcopalian bishops and missionaries will be held on subjects relating to practical missionary and religious problems. The regular meetings of the convention will be open to visitors.