Hockey Practice Began Yesterday

The first practice for the University and Freshman hockey squads was held in the basement of the Gymnasium yesterday afternoon. The work was of a preliminary character. The forwards, under the direction of Captain Townsend and Coach Winsor, were given instruction in shooting, and the candidates for the point and goal positions were coached by M. H. Ivy '04 in defensive work. As soon as there is good ice, outdoor work will begin. One rink in the Stadium is completed.

The following candidates reported for the University team: forwards--L. W. Barta '08, T. M. Claflin '07, H. A. Crosby '08, E. W. Dutton '08, J. T. Farrelly '07, C. L. Furber '08, N. W. Niles '09, M. M. Osborne '08, J. A. Paine '09, C. C. Pell '08, L. Rumsey '08, W. C. Strauss '09; cover-point A. Fraser-Campbell '08; points J. P. Willetts '09, W. M. Washburn '08; goals W. P. Anderton '08, T. S. Green '09, W. G. Holloway '08, F. A. B. Washburn '09, H. O. Wellman '08.

The candidates who reported for the Freshman team are as follows: forwards--S. W. Arnheim, E. Brayton, A. Cammack, J. R. Chapin, W. R. Farle, F. P. Ferguson, J. K. Hollins, F. R. Kirkland, R. B. Lanier.W. Lippmann, R. MacVeagh, R. S. Marshall, W. F. Morgan, W. R. Ohler, H. B. Palmer, H. Peters, L. C. Seaverns, M. M. Warren, G. N. White; cover-points--C. A. L. Binger, G. G. Browne, L. Corsant, C. Dunham, P. H. Leavitt, W. B. Parsons; points--F. C. Alexander, R. W. Atkins, E. R. Chapin, L. W. Hill, L. A. Sussdorff; goals--G. Fahnestock, S. D. Robinson, C. H. Wolfe.