Affair Proved a Complete Success.--Over 500 People Present.

The 1907 dance held last night in the Union was an unqualified success. There were over 500 persons present of whom more than 200 were members of the Junior class. The Union was well filled, but the scattering of the boxes among the different rooms on the first floor prevented crowding between the dances, which was one of the less pleasant features of the dance last year.

The decorations were not elaborate, but the general effect was extremely pleasing. Palms and rubber plants were used profusely and festoons of laurel draped in the Lobby made a pleasant contrast with the subdued red light and with the rugs and cushions of which the predominant color was crimson. There were in all 20 boxes, six each in the Periodical and Dining Rooms, three each in the Game and Writing Rooms and two in the Hall. The Periodical Room presented an especially attractive appearance, being lighted only by colored Japanese lanterns. The dancing took place in the Living Room, which was undecorated, except for a large crimson banner, bearing the class numerals and a few laurel ropes. The receiving party stood at the east end of the Living Room in front of the fire place and the orchestra was located in the balcony directly above.

There were twenty dances and one short encore to each dance. Dancing began at 9 o'clock and continued until nearly 4. A buffet supper was served in the Dining Room between 12 and 1 o'clock, after the thirteenth dance.