"H" Club Dinner

After the dinner given to wearers of the University "H" last night in the Assembly Room of the Union, P. N. Coburn 3L., the toastmaster, spoke briefly about the object of the club, which he said was not simply for increasing good fellowship among athletes, but was a means of preserving the interest between the various sports and the feeling that the different branches of athletics are all working for the same end.

W. T. Reid '01 emphasized the need of more fun and less work in our sports together with the necessity for the continuance of the hearty co-operation of the undergraduate body, which was so evident this year.

Other speakers were as follows: W. F. Garcelon L.'95, Prof. I. N. Hollis, O. D. Filley '06, H. S. Thompson '99, A. W. Ristine '02, A. Marshall L, '03.