Weekly Hammer Throwing Contests

Next Saturday, and for two or three Saturdays following, a handicap hammer throwing contest will be held on Soldiers Field. A Cup will be given the winner, and entries may be made with Mr. Quinn on the day of the contest. All members of the University who have had any experience in throwing the hammer, and all heavy football men, should come out immediately for the early season coaching, which is going on daily at Soldiers Field from 3 o'clock until 5. In case any more men report for the shotput, for which there are at present very few candidates, handicap shot-putting contests will also be held weekly.

It has been decided to enter a one-mile instead of a two-mile relay team in the New York Athletic Club meet in New York on March 13, in which Yale and probably some other colleges will compete. A number of individual entries will also be made in ins meet. Some of the candidates are now in training for these events, while others are being given general work of various kinds.

The attention of Freshmen is again called to the fact that a Freshmen team will be formed in the spring, immediately after the April recess, for which a meet with some small college or preparatory school will be arranged. The number of Freshmen who have been reporting regularly is not sufficient, and all men of the class who have any track ability should come out at once.