Final Pasteur Debate Trials at 7.30

The second and last trials to select the Junior team for the Pasteur Medal Debate, the final debate of the interclass series, will be held this evening at 7.30 o'clock in the small room in Upper Dane. Four men were retained at the first trials on Monday and have been selected by lot to speak in the following order; A. Davis, E. B. Stern, I. L. Sharfman and W. H. Pollak. Each man will be allowed ten minutes and the best three speakers will be chosen for the team. The fourth man will be the alternate. B. V. Kanaley 2L. will coach the team.

The final trials to select the Sophomore team will also be held this evening at 7.30 o'clock, in the large room in Upper Dane. Of the six men retained at the first trials on Monday, J. S. Davis, G. W. Harris and H. B. Platt have been chosen by lot to support the affirmative, and G. I. Lewis, W. J. Mack and B. M. Nussbaum, to support the negative. These trials will be in the form of a regular debate with 12-minute main speeches and five minute rebuttal speeches for each man. The three best speakers will be selected for the team, and the remaining three men will compose the second team, from which the alternate will later be picked by the coach.

The question for the final trials of both teams and for the Pasteur Medal Debate has been revised to read as follows: "Resolved, That the French Government should adopt a scheme granting pension to superannuated workmen."

The date for the final debate for the class championship, between the Junior and Sophomore teams, has been postponed to Monday, April 9, as the Sophomore Class Dinner will be held on the evening originally chosen.

The Pasteur Medal Prize was founded in 1898 by Baron Pieree de Coubertin to be awarded to the best speaker in an annual debate on a subject from contemporary politics.