Freshmen Win by Superior Team Play and More Accurate Shooting.

The Freshman basketball team defeated the Yale freshmen in the Gymnasium Saturday evening in the last game of their schedule by the score of 23 to 17. The game was fast and exciting, and though the Freshmen were always in the lead, the result was in doubt until the end of the second half. Superior team play and Yale's frequent fouls, from which Currie made seven baskets, were mainly responsible for the Freshmen's victory. Their chief fault was slowness in passing.

The Freshmen started very fast, Dial making a goal on a signal play from the toss up, and adding three more in the next ten minutes. Currie scored a goal from a foul and Cushman made a basket for Yale. Walcott and Van Vleck then succeeded in making three goals for Yale, and the half ended with the score 9 to 8 in favor of Harvard. The Freshmen opened strongly again in the second half. Two baskets by Currie and one by White, and four goals from fouls by Currie, increased the Freshmen's lead, which was maintained to the end of the game.

The following have received their class numerals for basketball: Brooks, Currie, Allen, Dial, Deane, White.

The summary: HARVARD 1909.  YALE 1909. Currie, r.f.  l.g., Cushmann Allen, l.f.  r.g., Walcott, Schoolfield Dial, c.  c., Van Vleck Deane, r.g.  l.f., Allen, Strowbridge White, l.g.  r.f., Carrigan

Score--Harvard 1909, 23; Yale 1909, 17. Goals from floor--Dial 4, Currie 2, White 2, Van Vleck 4, Cushman 3, Walcott. Goals from fouls--Currie 7, Schoolfield. Fouls called--on Harvard 1909, 9; on Yale 1909, 16. Referee--J. D. Clark '07. Timekeepers--S. L. Kahn '07 and Strowbridge, Yale. Time--20-minute halves.