"The Peopling of the Philippines"

Under the auspices of the Anthropological Society, Professor Ernest Albert Jenks, late head of the Ethnological Survey of the Philippine Islands, will deliver an illustrated lecture this evening at 8 o'clock in the Lecture Room of the Fogg Art Museum. His subject will be "The Peopling of the Philippines."

Dr. Jenks has made a specialty of Philippine ethnology. After taking his degree of B.S. from Kalamazoo College and from the University of Chicago he became an honorary fellow at Wisconsin University, where he received in 1899 the degree of Ph.D. For some years past he has been engaged in government research in the Philippine Islands, and since 1903 has been chief of the Ethnological Survey there. He has studied the economic life of the Negritos, the primitive race in the Islands, and of the peoples engrafted upon them, and it is of the various features of the present mixed population that he will speak this evening.

The lecture will be open to the public.