Championship Debates of the Forum

At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Forum, the upperclass debating club, the following teams, which have won all their debates during the year, were declared eligible for the final series of debates to decide the club championship: Team D--G. I. Lewis, O. K. Fraenkel, R. E. Hoguet, R. A. Kazanjieff; Team G--R. T. Mack, C. Ketchum, L. Rome, S. J. Horvitz; and Team K--P. B. Carter, H. P. Burt, W. H. King, and O. F. Shepard.

Teams G and K will debate on April 11 on the subject: "Resolved, That the labor union principle of the closed shop is justifiable and should be supported." Team G will support the affirmative and Team K the negative. The winning team will debate Team D on May 9 to decide the club championship. Silver cups will be given to the members of the championship team.

The Forum has arranged for two lectures on "The Value of Debating in Public Life" by Mr. A. A. Gleason '86 and Mr. J. J. Higgins '90, prominent lawyers in Boston. These lectures will be held in Upper Dane on April 25 and May 2, respectively, and will be open to all members of the University.