Princeton Letter

The baseball games which were scheduled for last Wednesday and Saturday with Ursinus and Trinity respectively had to be cancelled on account of the wet condition of the university field. Nevertheless the team has had two outdoor practices. At the first one, which took place Wednesday, no game was played but the second team took the field while the rest of the squad was given batting practice. The ground was too wet to allow fast playing. The fielding was good but the batting showed the great lack of practice from which the team is suffering.

The first university swimming contest was held on Tuesday evening in Brokaw Tank. The contest was successful in all departments and showed the increased interest that has been aroused in this sport, since the exhibition given here by the New York Athletic Club a few weeks ago. The 100 foot race was won by C. P. Ralli '08 in the exceptionally good time of 17 seconds, which was 1 1-2 seconds better than the time in the intercollegiate contest this year.

The eighth annual banquet of the Daily Princetonian took place Wednesday evening at the Princeton Inn. The list of speakers and teasts was as follows: "The Retiring Board," L. D. Froebeck '06; "The Incoming Board," C. T. Larzelere '07; "The Harvard Crimson," H. C. Washburn; "The Yale Daily News," M. S. Little; "The Cornell Daily Sun," H. P. Dubois; "The College Man in Public Life," Henry Van Dyke; and "Princeton University," President Wilson.

Professor Bliss Perry delivered a lecture in Murray Hall on Saturday evening, on "Walt Whitman."