Election of Overseers June 27

There are five vacancies, all for the full term of six years, to be filled in the Board of Overseers at the next election, which will be held on Commencement Day, June 27. Of the five Overseers whose terms expire this year, Bishop W. Lawrence '71 is ineligible for re-election, Messrs. S. Hill '79, and H. Putnam '83, have declined to be candidates; Judge J. T. Mitchell '55, and Dr. G. B. Shattuck '63 remain eligible for re-election.

The committee on nominations has, as usual, suggested, in addition to the names of the outgoing Overseers eligible for re-election, a number of names which is three times greater than the vacancies to be filled. Together with Judge Mitchell and Dr. Shattuck, therefore, the committee has suggested the following for nomination: S. Newcomb '58s., of Washington, D. C.; F. Dodge '67, of Belmont; A. A. Laurence '70, of Boston; F. P. Fish '75, of Brookline; W. Farnsworth '77, of Dedham; E. D. Brandegee '81, of Brookline; C. Sprague '81, of Buffalo; C. D. Dickey '82, of New York; W. C. Baylies '84, of Taunton; S. H. Fessenden '86, of Chestnut Hill; P. Dexter '89, of Boston; O. Prescott '89, of Dartmouth, Mass; R. F. Herrick '90, of Milton; J. A. Lowell '91, of Chestnut Hill; W. Ames '95, of North Easton. Additional nominations of candidates may be made by certificates signed by not less than 100 graduates of five years standing.

Ballots on the candidates for nomination already suggested must be sent to Mr. C. Walcott, 70 State street, Boston, before May 31, and no ballot should contain names of more than five candidates. The names of the ten candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be placed on an official ballot, in the form of the Australian ballot, for use in the election on Commencement Day.

No member of the Corporation, and no officer of government or instruction in the University, except a professor emeritus, is eligible as an overseer or is entitled to vote at an election. All other graduates, however, of five years standing, and all persons not graduates, but who have received from the University any honorary degree may vote.

The nominating committee is composed of the following: A. L. Devens '74, chairman; W. Schofield '79, H. B. Chapin '80, G. L. Peabody '86, R. G. Fessenden '90, A. G. Hodges '74, C. B. Barnes, Jr., '90, R. C. Grew '95, R. Homans '94.