Pen and Brush Exhibition Tuesday

The annual exhibition of the Pen and Brush Club will begin next Tuesday in the Periodical, Game and Writing Rooms of the Union, and will continue through the following Tuesday, June 5. By permission of the Governing Board of the Union, Thursday of that week will be a ladies' day.

There will be a competition, open to all members of the University and divided into five classes, as follows: lack and white, water color, oil, architectural, and decorative designs. Two prize medals will be awarded in each class. Work must be left with the librarian of Robinson. Hall before 6 o'clock Saturday afternoon.

Contrary to the custom in previous years, the exhibition will include, besides the usual Pen and Brush Club exhibit, all the good work of the year done in the Architectural Department, which has formerly been exhibited under the auspices of the Department itself. In addition to this there will be a loan exhibit by Dr. D. W. Ross '75, lecturer on the theory of design, and by Mr. Joseph Lindon Smith and Mr. H. B. Warren, instructors in freehand drawing. It is expected to secure also the successful designs for the Rotch and Nelson Robinson, Jr., scholarships.