Second and 1909 Crews Leave

The University second and Freshman crews will start for Philadelphia tonight on the Federal Express, which leaves the Back Bay Station at 7.45 o'clock. At Philadelphia the men will stay at the Aldine Hotel. The shells which will be used in the Henley regatta were shipped in a special car yesterday, and will be ready for the crews to practice in tomorrow. Coach Wray will leave for Philadelphia tomorrow night after the Cornell race and will arrive there in time to see the regatta on Saturday. The second will compete in the University Junior Collegiate race for eight-oared crews for the New England Challenge Cup, which, was won by the 1908 Freshman crew last year. The Freshman crew is entered for the Steward's Challenge Cup in the race for first eight-oared shells. This afternoon the Freshmen will practice in pair-oar shells, but the second will go out in their old eight-oared boat.

Yesterday both Reece and Cutler were tried at stroke in the Freshman boat, and it was decided to take both men to Philadelphia, but Cutler will row in the race. Yesterday his work lacked vigor and he showed a tendency to hang at the catch. The second crew paddled down stream to the Longwood, bridge. The men rowed in the same order as Monday, and the crew as a whole was steadier than it has been for some time past. The stroke was more uniform and the men put unusual vigor into their work.

The orders:

University second crew--Stroke, Morgan; 7. Corlett; 6. Swaim; 5. Emmons; 4. Richards; 3. Tilton; 2. Mason bow Gill; cox., Arnold.

Freshman crew--Stroke, Recee, Cutler; 7. Rackemann; 6. Lunt; 3. Faulkner; 4. Mulligan; 3. Severance; 2. Crandall; bow, Ellis; cox., Wise.