The Pop Concert

Following is the program for the Pop Concert at Symphony Hall this evening: 1  March, "Queen of Sheba"  Gounod 2  Fantasy-Overture, "Romeo and Juliet"  Tschaikowski 3  Valse  Tschaikowski 4  Selection, "Babes in Toyland"  Herbert 5  Polonaise from Suite  Tschaikowski 6  Entra'acte, Valse  Hellmesberger 7  La Belle Au Bois Dormant 6  Entr'acte, Valse  Hellmesberger 8  Overture, "Poet and Peasant" Suppe Solo Violoncello,  Mr. Josef Keller. 9  Overture, "1812"  Tschaikowski 10  Selection, "Mile. Modiste"  Herbert 11  Waltz, "Grubenlichter"  Zeller 12  March, "Cruiser Harvard"  Strube