Entries Close Wednesday.-Games to be Conducted as Last Year.

Entries for this year's Leiter Cup baseball series may be made from today until next Wednesday at 6 o'clock in blue books at Leavitt & Peirce's. The first game will be played next Friday, May 11. The full name of the team, the name of the captain, and the names of at least twelve bona fide players must be given. No man may play on more than one team in the season. Individual entrants will be assigned to teams by the management.

In addition to the scrub teams which competed last year dormitory teams are especially urged to enter. They will be grouped in separate sections, but will take part in the final series on an equal basis with the scrub teams.

Otherwise the series will be conducted in practically the same manner as last year. The teams will be grouped in sections, each team will play every other team in its section, and the team in each section which obtains the highest percent of games won will be considered the winner of its section. The winning teams of the sections will then play for the championship. The National League rules of this year will be used.

As an inducement to keep old teams together competition for the Hale chair, which was offered in 1904, will be continued this spring.

The conditions under which the chair was given by R. S. Hale '91, stipulate that the names of the winning team shall be engraved on the attached plate. From now on in case the winning team has played all its games for the three previous years without forfeiting a game, the names of all the players whether the team won in the first or second year or not shall be engraved on the plate. The chair, which has been won for the past two years by the Indians, is now in the Lobby of the Union.

The rules for the series follow:

Rule I. Every man attending a course in the University is eligible to play in this series, except those men who are eligible for the University, second nine or Freshman squad, but unwilling to play on such squad.

Rule II. No team may have more than three men who received in baseball their class numerals in Freshman year; their University, College or Second nine letters, and of these, not more than one man who has received his University or college letter, except that in case there are more than three such players former members of a team, all such former members may play, but no additional such players.

Rule III. The game shall be called at three o'clock on Saturdays, and at four o'clock on other days, and a nine not appearing within 15 minutes of the schedule time shall forfeit the game.

Rule IV. The captains of the nines shall choose an umpire, and in case of rain, the umpire shall call the game a tie, and each team shall be credited with one-half a game.

Rule V. Two balls, two masks and a chest protector will be provided by the University management for each game. One ball may be obtained by each captain at the office of the Athletic Association in the Union before noon on the morning of the game. The masks and chest protectors may be obtained from the janitor of the Locker Building, by signing a receipt, and must be returned immediately after the game. In case of a default, the captains are expected to keep the balls obtained from the Athletic Association and use them for their next game.

Rule VI. The games shall be played under the National League rules of this year and the foul strike rule shall be enforced.

Rule VII. The captain of the winning team shall leave the score in the box at the CRIMSON office before 8 o'clock on the evening of the game, with the names of the players of both nines; otherwise the results will not be counted.

Rule VIII. All protests must be left at the office of the Athletic Association within twenty-four hours of the completion of the game in which they arise; otherwise they will not be considered