Agamemnon Well Received.--Only Few Minor Changes Necessary.

About 500 people witnessed the dress rehearsal of the "Agamemnon" yesterday afternoon in the Stadium. Weather conditions were ideal. The chorus and the speakers could be heard distinctly from all parts of the auditorium, and the simple music was very effective. The entire performance went off smoothly, and, except for some minor changes in the grouping, no improvement seemed necessary.

A detailed criticism of the acting remains for the account of the regular performance to be published in the CRIMSON next Monday, but in general it may be said that the diction was clear and forcible without being strained, and the inflection flexible and natural. In gestures, too, extraordinary ease was shown. In both motions and expression, Wyndham-Gittens, in the difficult part of Clytaemnestra, and Brady, as Cassandra, showed extraordinary power.

The work on the palace, which was not quite completed for the performance yesterday, will be finished today. Most of the painted wood-carvings which adorn the metopes still remain to be put in place.