1906 Class Day Officers

The complete list of 1906 Class Day and permanent officers and committees is as follows:

Secretary--Nicholas Kelley, New York City.

First Marshal--Barton Kingman Stephenson, Brookline, Mass.

Second Marshal--James Mortimer Montgomery, Jr., New York City.

Third Marshal--John Donaldson Nichols, New York City.

Orator--Arthur Campbell Blagden, New York City.

Poet--Julian Hinckley, Lawrence, N. Y.

Ivy Orator--Charles David Morgan, Plymouth.

Odist--Henry Adams Bellows, Boston.

Chorister--Henry Bray Sawyer, Melrose.

Class Committee--Robert Grant, Jr., Boston: Edward Josiah Dives, Reading, Pa.: Daniel Allerton Newhall, Philadelphia, Pa.

Class Day Committee--Francis Abbot Goodhue, Jr., Andover: Joseph Lyman White, Cambridge; William Forbes Emerson, Concord; William Grant Graves, St. Paul, Minn.; Fisher Hildreth, Nesmith, Lowell; Robert Jarvis Leonard, Newtonville; Harold Robert Shurtleff, Concord, N. H.

Photograph Committee--Austin Howard Gill, Organ, New Mexico; Beaton Hall Squires, St. John, Newfoundland; Howard Moore Turner, Cambridge.