During Past Year.--Most Important is New School of Applied Science.

Among the most important changes made by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences during the past year is the adoption of a new plan for the administration of the degree of S.B. and of higher degrees in applied science, and for the better organization of the Scientific School.

The gist of the new plan is as follows: (1) A degree of S.B. is to be established in Harvard College, conferred, like the A.B. degree, without designation of any field of study, with requirements for admission to candidacy for it the same as the present requirements for admission to the Scientific School, and with requirements for graduation the same as those for the degree of A.B. (2) A Graduate School of Applied Science is to be established in Harvard University, in which degrees will be granted in all the chief branches of applied science, and requiring the degree of A.B. or S.B. for admission. (3) The present four-year programs of the Scientific School will be maintained.

Change in Admission Requirements.

This new plan goes into effect next fall. A second important change is in regard to admission requirements to the College. In the first place, the substitution of the entrance papers given by the College Entrance Examination Board for the regular Harvard College entrance examinations has been extended to include all the following subjects: Elementary Greek, Latin, French, German, Greek and Roman History, Algebra, Plane and Solid Geometry, Physics and Chemistry, and Advanced Greek, Latin, German, French, History, Algebra, Logarithms and Trigonometry, and Solid Geometry. By this change, the work of those schools which send men to Harvard is simplified, and new avenues of approach to the University have opened. Last year the examinations were held in about 50 places, this year they will be held in about 150.

Secondly, the Committee on Admissions has announced the following change in the rules governing admission: Hereafter candidates who at any time before their preparation is complete wish to take examinations in subjects in which they are ready for examination may offer themselves either in June or September for examinations in any subject or subjects in which they present a certificate of preparation. Consequently, the old rules that candidates may not divide their examinations except between two years, and that those failing in June may not be re-examined in September in the same subjects, are abolished.

New Divisions Established.

The instructors in Education, heretofore affiliated with the Division of Philosophy, now constitute a Division of Education, with Professor Hanus at its head. This move assigns to the study of education its appropriate place among other University studies. The courses in social ethics have been assigned to a separate Department of Social Ethics, with Professor Peabody at its head, under the Division of Philosophy.

Yard Rooms and Tuition Fees.

Important changes by the Corporation include the assignment of College rooms and the tuition fee. Yard rooms have all been thrown open to all members of the University with a preference to Seniors in Holworthy, Hollis, and Stoughton. Conant Hall has been reserved for the particular use of students in the Graduate School, and living-rooms have been fitted up in Conant and Perkins, and others will soon follow in Weld, Thayer, and Walter Hastings. A supplementary charge of $20 a full course, and $10 a half-course, has been made for all courses under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences which a student takes in excess of the number required for a full year's work, to be added to the general tuition fee of $150. The required number of courses is five in the Freshman year, and four in each subsequent year.