Plans for Boulevard to River

There has recently been revived among influential alumni the project for the construction of a boulevard from the Charles River Road to Quincy square by way of De Wolf street, thus forming a connecting link between the Parkway and the University grounds. Such a scheme has been talked of for many years, but only assumed definite shape in 1902, when a committee of alumni was formed to consider the matter. Plans were drawn and approved by the Cambridge Board of Survey, but the City Government refused to consider the matter on the ground of expense. At present, the Cambridge Park Commission is heartily in favor of the scheme, not only as a beautifying improvement to the city, but as a source of increased income which would result from the higher taxes along the boulevard.

The plans involve the widening of De Wolf street from the Parkway to the junction with Bow street in front of Westmorly Court; and of Bow street from there to Quincy square. The widening of these streets will necessitate the clearing away of many of the undesirable houses in the vicinity, which would be a great benefit to the city and to the community. Shade trees will be placed on each side of the avenue and no car tracks will be allowed.

According to the estimate of the engineers, the cost of such a boulevard, including the purchase of condemned property, would not exceed $225,000. In 1902, a fund of $40,000 was subscribed by alumni to aid in the completion of this scheme. This amount is still at the disposal of the city government whenever it decides to undertake the construction of the boulevard. It is generally considered that now is the time for such an improvement, inasmuch as, if it is neglected longer, the erection of new buildings on the land, which would have to be removed in order to construct the avenue, would make the cost prohibitive.