New Plan for Devotional Meetings

A new plan is being followed this year for the devotional meetings of the Christian Association. Instead of having two meetings on each Thursday evening, one for upperclassmen and one for Freshmen, there will now be a separate meeting for each class. The Senior and Freshman meetings will be held on Thursday evenings, and the Junior and Sophomore meetings on Tuesday evenings. Seven o'clock will be the hour for all of the meetings. By this means it is expected that the meetings will be less constrained than formerly.

A committee of three men from each class will have general charge of the various meetings. The chairman of these committees are as follows: 1908, T. Eaton; 1909, N. B. Cole; 1910, W. R. Ohler; and 1911, H. Brightman. Once a month a combined meeting of all the classes will be held in the parlor at which some prominent speaker will be invited to address the men.