News from Farabee Expedition

Professor F. W. Putnam '62, curator of the Peabody Museum, has recently received letters from Dr. W. C. Farabee '00, head of the Peabody Museum expedition in South America, stating that the party has just returned to its headquarters in Arequipa, Peru, from its first year's exploration on the head waters of the Amazon. The party, consisting of Dr. Farabee, J. W. Hastings '05, L. J. deMilhau '06, and Dr. E. F. Horr, left Cambridge about a year ago for a three years' ethnological trip to study the primitive Indian tribes of South America. Mrs. Farabee, who accompanied the party, is still in Arequipa, where the Harvard Observatory is situated. J. W. Hastings '05 has recently returned to Cambridge, in accordance with his intention to remain only a year in South America. The other members of the party are all in good health and expect to stay in South America for the full three-year period. The trip of the first year was in the region of the Madre de Dios river, which is one of the tributaries of the Amazon. The rest of the explorations will be on other tributaries of the Amazon and Platte rivers, where the Indian tribes are least known.

The general object of the expedition is to gather all possible information bearing on the origin, language, manner, of life, and mental advancement of the native peoples. Collections of an ethnological interest of the arms, utensils, and clothes of the Indians will be made for the Peabody Museum.