Gymnastic Team Meeting

A meeting of candidates for the gymnastic team will be held tonight in Stoughton 14 at eight o'clock. All men interested in advanced gymnastics are invited to be present. Speeches will be made by Coach C. L. Schrader and by G. F. Evans 2 Dv., who will direct the work this year. Coach Schrader had charge of the team last year, and understands the work thoroughly. Evans was captain of the gymnastic team in 1905, and won first place in the intercollegiate meet that year. On Tuesdays the work will be in charge of outside coaches, who will be chosen later. This plan will give the team the assistance of men who have had experience in other colleges.

Practice will begin next week, and will be held regularly in the Gymnasium from 5 to 6.30 o'clock every afternoon, except Tuesday, when the practice will be from 8.00 to 9.30 o'clock. Besides the regular gymnasium work, there will be work on the flying rings, club swinging, indoor track events, boxing and Japanese wrestling. At first the exercise will be general, consisting of work on the parallel bars, the horizontal bar and the side horse, and practice in tumbling. The team will be picked after the first exhibition. The intercollegiate meet will be held some time during the last of March probably in Philadelphia.