Interesting Lecture Last Night

Mr. J. B. Connolly delivered an interesting lecture in the Living Room of the Union last night, his subject being "Gloucester Fishermen." G. G. Ball '08, vice-president of the Union, introduced the speaker.

Mr. Connolly related several interesting anecdotes to illustrate the hardihood and courage of the fishermen, in the face of grave danger, and said that this work produced a very high type of man, mentally and physically. He next spoke on the wonderful seamanship which some of the skippers possess, asserting that it was probably the finest in the world.

The pay of a good man averages about $75 a month. The reason that men pursue such a hazardous calling for such small wages is due to the fact that the life is never dull, and after some years they become so fascinated with it, that they never retire until forced to do so.