John Harvard Celebration Plans

The Harvard Celebration Committee, organized last spring to formulate plans for a celebration this fall of the three hundredth anniversary of the birth of John Harvard, held a meeting last night and agreed upon tentative plans for the celebration. The features of the occasion will be a torchlight parade to the Stadium of all the classes with a bonfire and informal speaking on Soldiers Field. The time for the celebration has not yet been definitely decided, but it will probably be on November 19. November 29 will be the exact anniversary of the christening of John Harvard, but the date of his birth is uncertain.

The suggestion that a celebration be made on this anniversary was made last spring by W. C. Lane '81, president of the Harvard Memorial Society. A committee consisting of the four undergraduate class presidents and the officers of the Memorial Society with a few representative undergraduates, was forthwith formed. Plans for a formal pageant were given up because the committee was unable to find any one to write a suitable piece. It is hoped that some eminent speaker may be secured for the formal part of the celebration. Another meeting of the committee will be held next week when more definite arrangements for the celebration will be made.