Gifts to the University from Germany

The Germanic Museum and the University Library have recently been presented with several gifts from Germany. The city of Nuremburg has decided to give to the museum a cast of Adam Kraft's relief of the "Town Weigher" from the facade of the Wool Merchants' Guild Hall in that city. It portrays the town weigher standing in the midst of a group watching the balancing of his scales, thus rendering a graphic scene from primative German burgher life.

The other piece which is soon to arrive is the gift of Mr. H. W. Putnam of Boston. This is a relief from the tomb of Emperor Ludwig, the Bavarian, erected about 1468 in the Church of Our Lady at Munich.

A set of the works of Frederick the Great, comprising 33 volumes, and a portfolio of maps, is a gift from the German Emperor to the Library, "to express the thanks of the Prussian Government for the effective promotion of German-American interchange of men of learning." Another gift from the Prussian Government to the Library is many of the works of the German author Von Menzel.