Recent Publications by Graduates

The following books by Harvard graduates have recently been published: "The Mechanism of Speech," by A. G. Bell '96; "North Italian Painters of the Renaissance," by B. Berenson '87; "Peace as the World Glveth," by J. Bigelow '61; "Law: Its Origin, Growth and Function," by J. C. Carter '50; "The Mongols," by J. Curtin '63; "Castles and Keeps of Scotland," by F. R. Frapree S.'98; "The Temple of Virtue," by P. R. Frothingham '86; "The Fire Divine," by R. W. Gilder h.'90; "Between the Dark and the Daylight," by W. D. Howells h.'67; "The Pulse of Asia," by E. Huntington '92; "The Golden Treasury of American Songs and Lyrics," by F. L. Knowles '96; "Ancient Athens," by H. C. Lea h.'90; "Sapho and Phaon," by P. W. MacKaye '97; "From Sail to Steam," "Some Neglected Aspects of War," by A. T. Mahan h.'95; "British State Telegraphy, and Public Ownership and the Telephone in Great Britain," by H. G. Meyer '92; "Elements of Psychology," by E. L. Thorndike '96; "Days Off," by H. Van Dyke h.'94; "A History of Architecture," by R. Sturgis '78; "The France of Today," by B. Wendell '77; "Foods and Their Adulteration," by H. W. Wiley S.'73; "Great Writers," "The Appreciation of Literature," by G. E. Woodberry '77.