"The Representative Leader of Men"

The sixth and last of the William Belden Noble lectures for the year was given in Sanders Theatre last night by the Rt. Rev. C. H. Brent, D.D., Bishop of the Philippines. His subject was "The Representative Leader of Men," and under this subject he summed up the substance of what he had said in previous lectures on the general subject, "Leadership."

Phillips Brooks was a good example of the great leader of men. His motives were as pure as crystal, he typified in the highest degree the power of the human will and the blameless life, and he based all his actions on close fellowship with the Divine.

The leader must be an ordinary man, a man of the crowd. Brilliancy is one of the most dangerous gifts for one who is destined for leadership, and can be useful only when it is subordinated to the needs of the crowd. The people do not exist for the leader, but the leader for the people.

Jesus Christ is the great representative leader of men, and is today the hope of humanity, and the unifying force in this complex whole that we call humanity. In him are combined in largest measure the singleness of motive, the unalterable directness of will, the blamelessness of life and the fellowship-even absolute oneness-with the Divine.

Those who follow in his vocation today have an opportunity only less than He himself had. The life of the ministry is one of hardship, of difficulties unforeseen, but it is a vocation that demands the best in men, and in the coming generation it is to be more important than ever in the past. Let us not ask for easy lives but for strength to meet the tasks that come through strenuous lives