Early Yard Room Allotment

Following the plan of the last two years, a special assignment of rooms in Hollis, Holworthy, and Stoughton Halls will be made on February 20 to students in the University who will be members of the Senior class in 1908-09. Blank application forms will be ready at the Bursar's office on February 14. Men now occupying rooms in one of these three halls who will be Seniors next year will have the opportunity to re-engage their rooms for next year on application at the office of the Bursar before February 28. No other students now living in Hollis, Holworthy, or Stoughton will have the right to re-engage their rooms.

The number of men now living in these three dormitories who will be Seniors next year is very small, so that next year practically every room will be available for assignment on the Senior applications. Hollis and Stoughton have 32 rooms each and Holworthy has 24 rooms.

A list of all College rooms, except those in Wadsworth House, Conant, and several in College House, with blank forms of applications will be ready for delivery at the Bursar's office on March 6. Applications may be made before April 2, and the assignment will be made by lot on April 4. In the assignment of a room with two bed-rooms, preference will be given to an application signed by two students who will occupy the room together.