First Hockey Practice Yesterday

The first practice for the University and Freshman hockey candidates was held yesterday afternoon in the handball courts back of the Gymnasium. It consisted of shooting for the forwards and cover-points under the direction of Captain Pell and defense work for the goals and points. If there is suitable ice on any of the nearby ponds today, practice will be held there, otherwise back of the Gymnasium.

The prospects for a winning team this year are very encouraging, as only two of last year's team have been lost by graduation, and the following ten men who have won their University hockey insignia are still in College and eligible to play: T. Briggs '09, K. G. Carpenter '08, C. R. Leonard '08, M. L. Newhall '08, J. A. Paine '09, C. C. Pell '08, L. Rumsey '08, T. S. Sampson '09, F. A. B. Washburn '09, J. P. Willets '09. Of last year's Freshman team, R. E. Dole, G. P. Gardner, S. T. Hicks, C. L. Lanigan, and W. F. Morgan are valuable men, and S. S. Ford '09 and L. H. Butt '08, who played on the second team last year, are promising candidates. With all these men to pick from, there should be little difficulty in forming a strong team early in the season which shall have a good opportunity to develop team play.

The following men reported for the University team: forwards--E. L. Beard '10, H. H. Crosby '09, J. F. Day '10, N. Dougherty '09, E. W. Dutton '08, R. E. Dole '10, W. K. Earle '10, R. M. Field '09, C. L. Furber '08, L. B. Harding '08, W. Harrower '09, F. DeH. Houston '10, W. F. Morgan '10, C. L. Nichols '10, J. O. Patterson '09, E. M. Pickman '08, A. J. Post '10, W. C. Strauss '09; cover-points--S. S. Ford '09, G. P. Gardner '10, L. B. Harding '08, F. DeH. Houston '10; points--E. C. Bacon '10, T. S. Sampson '09; goals--F. C. Alexander '10, K. G. Carpenter '08, G. Fahnestock '10, J. A. Locke '09, C. H. Wolfe '10.

The candidates for the Freshman team were: forwards--M. J. Beals, H. F. Boynton, G. W. Chase, H. C. Clark, F. Cunningham, Jr., E. S. Doolittle, E. J. Eliot, L. P. Emerson, A. B. Fitts, P. H. Foster, F. W. Haydon, S. C. H. Heyneman; J. Higgins, R. Hornblower, P. D. Howe, W. A. Lawrence, H. C. Leslie, LeR. Miller, D. Munro, P. C. Nash, P. Newton, W. S. Seaverns, J. C. Shaw, W. K. Taylor, W. B. Walker, A. Wheeler, C. E. Williams, F. W. Young; cover-points--A. Dane, N. H. Foster, W. S. Seamans; points--H. Cammack, A. Dane, C. S. Whittier; goals--O. Andrews, G. W. Chase, J. C. Johnson, E. R. Squibb.