On the Recent Balloon Race and the Future of Aerial Navigation

Mr. Henry Helm Clayton, meteorologist at the Blue Hill Observatory, will give an illustrated lecture on "My Balloon Trip from St. Louis to New Jersey and the Future of Aerial Navigation" in the Living Room of the Union this evening at 8 o'clock. The lecture will be open only to members of the Union.

Mr. Clayton was in the German Army balloon "Pommern" which recently won the international race from St. Louis to Asbury Park, New Jersey, and his knowledge of the upper air currents was greatly instrumental in winning the victory. This knowledge has been gained by Mr. Clayton during a long period of research work. In 1885, after a year's experience as assistant at the Ann Arbor Astronomical Observatory, he became assistant at the Harvard Observatory, where he made many meteorological observations. In 1886 he became observer at Blue Hill Observatory, and with the exception of three years as local forcast official of the U. S. Weather Bureau, has been there ever since, carrying on research work.