Results of Scrub Basketball

In the preliminary round of the scrub basketball series last night the Rinky-Dinks defeated the Lemons 24 to 8; and the Ducks defeated the Hobos 25 to 4.

The second round of the series will be played next Monday. At 6 o'clock the Rinky-Dinks will play the Perootes; at 6.30 o'clock the Nonames will play the Whites; and at 7 o'clock the Ducks will play the Florodoras.

So far some of the teams have played very good basketball, the Ates and the Florodoras showing up especially well. The games Monday should then be interesting and close. The winners will play in the semi-finals Tuesday night, and on Wednesday night the winners of the semi-finals will compete for the championship, which will be decided by the best two out of three games.