Rooms in Holworthy, Hollis and Stoughton Exclusively Assigned to Juniors.

The following special assignment of rooms to Juniors in Holworthy, Hollis and Stoughton Halls was announced by the Bursar last night. There were many more applications this year than last year, so that a number of applicants were not able to secure rooms. Some men were omitted from the list for not having a bond of $400.00, and some for not signing their own names to the applications. The Committee will have a waiting list made out, so that if any vacancies occur they may be filled.

The assignments follow: Holworthy Hall--Room 1, E. C. Larned and C. A. Bliss; 2, J. B. Marsh and C. Almy, Jr.; 3, H. V. Amberg and W. W. Faunce; 4, K. B. Hawkins and D. S. Brigham; 5, I. S. Broun and W. Fletcher; 6, H. M. Gilmore and J. P. Alley; 7, J. Allen and L. D. Cox; 8, P. B. Francis and W. C. Chamberlin; 9, G. S. Taylor and C. E. Lincoln; 10, W. Pierce and J. F. Macdonald; 12, E. F. Haberstoh and B. S. Gavin; 13, B. T. Stephenson, Jr., and W. Hickox, Jr.; 14, M. Allen and P. W. Brown; 15, J. W. Webber and D. B. Somes; 16, J. T. Manning, Jr., and J. B. Coolidge; 17, C. B. Wetherell and P. N. Garland; 18, H. P. Breed and K. F. Kimball; 19, E. N. Hutchins and R. B. Goodell; 21, H. Channing and K. Howes; 22, G. G. Ball and A. B. Mason; 23, G. James and E. N. Fales; 24, R. R. Sloane and J. S. Irvin.

Hollis Hall--Room 1, Paul Edwards and Philip Edwards; 3, D. O. Slater and P. W. Sarton; 4, R. T. Sargent and W. W. Cole; 5, R. F. Powers and R. S. Fickett; 7, A. P. Loring, Jr., and S. E. Morison; 9, J. B. Sullivan and Alexander Strauss; 10, A. L. Fabens; 11, S. Bowles, Jr., and H. S. Blair; 12, S. W. White and F. E. Westlake; 14, B. M. Vance and C. B. Claflin; 17, F. J. Tuck and F. Livesey; 19, M. Weiss and A. A. Silverstein; 20, B. H. Gordon and M. Bernstein; 21, R. D. Murphy and H. L. Murphy; 23, C. L. Furber and E. S. Alexander; 24, P. W. Davis and A. S. Browne; 25, G. F. Waters and J. R. White; 27, J. H. Broderick and P. J. de Golyer; 29, C. W. Burton and W. H. Barrow; 30, R. Altrocchi and C. Schmidt; 32, V. Cobb and W. W. Frost.

Stoughton Hall--Room 2, B. M. Nussbaum and C. Abeles; 3, W. H. King and N. Hedin; 4, J. A. Hadden and P. L. Harvie; 8, L. Rome and R. A. Kazanjieff; 11, O. W. Hartwell and G. A. McKay; 16, D. V. Baker and F. Izard; 17, E. W. Carman and D. L. Marks; 18, G. W. Grover and E. S. Hale; 19, H. G. Clarke and A. M. Clarke; 20, W. J. O'Brien and R. M. Dewey; 22, H. A. Robinson and M. G. Jones; 23, R. A. Spare and B. H. Quinham; 24, H. E. Aulsbrook and W. V. B. Findlay; 25, D. Rosenblum; 26, D. Goldstein and S. J. Horwitz; 27, D. Jackson and A. B. Handy; 29, H. Hurwitz and S. H. Hurwitz; 30, J. E. Hooper; 31, R. W. Breed and H. L. Hassles; 32, J. R. Cole and P. C. Hammond.