Annual Spring Clothing Collection

The annual spring clothing and book collection taken by the Social Service Committee of the Phillips Brooks House Association will begin next Monday. Clothing of all sorts, magazines, books of fiction, and college text books are desired. The clothing will be sent to Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, the Cambridge Associated Charities, the Seamen's Friends Society, the Toombs School, New York, and other deserving institutions; the miscellaneous reading mater will be sent to hospitals in Boston and Cambridge, to lighthouses, sailor's reading rooms, etc., and the text books will be added to the text-book loan library in Phillips Brooks House. A large collection this spring is desired, as a much larger number of calls for clothing have been made than could be filled. Reading matter is always much desired at the hospitals and other places where it is sent, and the text-book loan library is in great need of additions in order to make it serviceable to students.

The collectors, whose names will be published later, have been appointed for each dormitory, and men who have things to give are requested to see that they are put in the hands of their dormitory collector. The dormitory collections will be gathered on next Monday. Men living in private houses or men who are not seen by collectors are asked to send postals to J. B. Marsh, 33 Bow street.