Candidates for Second Baseball

Thirty men reported to Captain H. S. Powers '07 for the first practice of the second baseball team yesterday afternoon. As almost half the number are outfielders, it is essential that more candidates for the infield and battery positions report as soon as possible.

The following reported yesterday: pitchers--F. R. Beebe '09, S. W. Cooper '09, E. S. Fuller Sp., P. Little '09, catchers--T. H. Campbell '09, W. M. Evarts '09, J. G. Morrison '09; first basemen--J. R. Benton '08, E. W. Fay '08, F. A. Harding '09; second basemen--H. S. Powers '07, E. F. Zachritz '08; third basemen--J. A. Paine '09, J. E. Keefe '08; short stops--W. R. Post '09, L. W. Rowley '09, H. R. Watson '09, W. M. Washburn '08; fielders--L. W. Barta '09, W. M. Bird '08, J. P. H. Chandler '08, A. Cravis '07, E. P. Field '09, S. Freedman '09, J. F. Frye '09, W. Grosvenor, Jr., '09, R. C. Jones '07, R. F. Smith '07, C. F. Usher '07, G. Warner '09.