Defeated Columbia by the Score of 9 to 3. Clever Passing by Harvard Attack.

The University lacrosse team easily defeated Columbia in the Stadium Saturday afternoon by the score of 9 to 3. The Harvard team outclassed their opponents in all departments of the game, and would have rolled up a larger score except for a tendency upon the part of the attack to shoot too hurriedly.

In the first half Francis scored for Harvard after four minutes of play, and Furber, aided by excellent passing, scored two more a little later. Just before the close of the half Cobb scored from a scrimmage, which made the score 4 to 0 in favor of the University team.

Columbia braced in the second half, and McKinlay scored in the first five minutes of play after a long run. Wendell followed with a goal for Harvard seven minutes later. Rosenheim added one for Columbia while Marsters was out of the game under penalty for rough play. Columbia began to draw down her attack to help out the defense, but could not prevent the University attack from scoring two goals after clever passing by Barber and Wendell. McKinlay added one more for Columbia, and Francis scored twice for Harvard.

The summary: HARVARD.  COLUMBIA. Sheip, g.  g., Trott Marsters, p.  i.h., Rosenheim Arnold, Cox, c.p.  o.h McKinlay Thomas, ld.  la., Renner Cochrane 2d.  2a., Bliss, Nighman Comey, 3a.  3a., Golden, Swartwont Wendell, c.  c., Friedman Cobb, 3a.  3d., Melitzer Barber, 2a.  2d., Bernstein Vance, 1a.  ld., Turpin Francis o.h.  c.p., Baum Furber, i.h.,  p., Aigeltinger

Score--Harvard, 9; Columbia, 3, Goals--Furber 3, Francis 3, Wende'l 2, Cobb, McKinlay 2, Rosenheim. Referee--F. B. Taylor '99. Goal umpires--F. Shaw '09, J. T. Roberts, Columbia. Timekeepers--F. W. Wead '05, F. Swartwont, H. Bliss Columbia. Time--25-minute periods.