Practice Track Meet in the Stadium at 4.--Freshmen Should Win Easily.

This afternoon the Freshman track team will hold a practice meet at 4 o'clock in the Stadium, with a combination team made up of representatives of several of the Boston preparatory schools. As far as can be ascertained the Freshmen should win by a large margin, for the team is especially strong this year as proved by the splendid showing made in the class games. The Freshmen will be unusually strong in the field events and should also win most of the places in the distance runs. The preparatory schools, however, have some very fast runners in the sprints and should secure practically all the points in the 100 and 220-yard dashes. The points in the hurdles should be about evenly distributed.

In scoring, five points will be awarded for first place, three for second, and one for third. Medals will be given to the winners of first and second places. The preparatory schools will not enter the two-mile or the hammer-throw, but the competitors will be made up entirely of Freshmen; points, however, will not count in these events.

All men who have not yet taken strength tests must be examined before 2 o'clock today by Dr. Sargent.

Events and Entries in Each.

Below is given a list of the entries with the time of each event:

4 P. M. Trials for 120-yard hurdles--Harvard 1910: A. L. Besse, T. S. Blumer, F. R. Leland, A. Sweeney. Schools: W. H. Cady.

4.05 P. M. Trials for 100-yard dash--Harvard 1910: F. S. Blanchard, E. R. Kirkland, K. L. Lindsey, C. O. Mason, H. Rogers, L. Watson. Schools: F. T. Boyd, F. Burns, J. Connolly, B. W. Estabrook, R. C. Foster, E. E. Nelson, W. L. Seligman, G. L. Treadwell.

4.15 P. M. 440-yard run--Harvard 1910: R. F. Hoyt, E. K. Merrihew, A. T. Norton. Schools: R. C. Foster, B. Morrison, W. Reynolds, R. L. Steinert, G. L. Treadwell, S. White.

4.20 P. M. Two-mile run, Schools not competing--P. W. Carter, C. L. Hauthaway, C. Lanier, Jr., F. W. Loomis, M. H. Stone '07.

4.35 P. M. Finals of 100-yard dash.

4.40 P. M. Trials for 220-yard hurdles--Harvard 1910: T. S. Blumer, S. Cobb, G. P. Gardner, Jr., F. R. Leland. Schools: W. H. Cady, B. W. Estabrook, R. C. Foster.

4.50 P. M. 880-yard run--Harvard 1910: R. F. Hoyt, P. A. Merriam, A. T. Norton, R. Warren, H. Watson. Schools: W. A. Daniels, T. G. Goodwin, H. Jacques, D. Wright.

4.55 P. M. Trials for 220-yard dash--Harvard 1910: F. S. Blanchard, F. R. Kirkland, K. L. Lindsey, C. O. Mason, H. Rogers, L. Watson. Schools: F. T. Boyd, F. Burns, B. W. Estabrook, E. E. Nelson, W. L. Seligman.

5.05 P. M. One-mile run--Harvard 1910: J. R. Coolidge, R. E. Dole. Schools: R. Hornblower, L. Stanton, G. Whitney.

5.15 P. M. Finals of 220-yard hurdles.

5.25 P. M. Finals of 220-yard dash.

Field Events.

4 P. M. Running high jump--Harvard 1910: J. L. Barr, C. Dunham, C. C. Little, S. B. Olney, R. P. Pops, L. F. Whitney. Schools: A. D. Adams, A. Chandler, G. Hann, H. McCaffery, F. E. Miles, R. S. Porter, A. Sweetster.

4 P. M. Running broad jump--Harvard 1910: T. M. Gregory, C. C. Little, S. B. Olney, R. M. Page, H. Rogers, E. H. Ruch, A. G. Winward. Schools: F. Burns, W. A. Daniels, J. Laily, F. E. Miles, G. L. Treadwell.

4 P. M. Pole vault--Harvard 1910: J. L. Barr, S. C. Lawrence, E. L. Parker, H. Rogers, L. C. Seaverns, C. C. Wallace, Schools: W. A. Daniels, W. F. Howe, A. Rowbotham.

4.35 P. M. Putting 16-pound shot--Harvard 1910: H. Fish, B. D. Hodges, H. R. Leonard, C. C. Little, H. Morris, L. F. Whitney, Schools: G. Hann, H. Ryder.

Throwing 12-pound hammer, schools not competing--C. A. L. Binger, R. W. Coburn, H. Fish, R. L. Groves, B. D. Hodges, C. C. Little, E. H. Ruch, L. A. Sussdorff.

Officials For the Games.

The following officials have been appointed, who are requested to report at the Locker Building promptly at 3.45 o'clock to receive badges:

Referee--W. A. Colwell '02.

Inspectors--J. B. Coolidge '08, W. Lippman '10, L. Cooley, B. H. S., J. Daly, B. L. S.

Judges at finsh--W. G. Graves 1L., M. D. Griswold 1L., M. H. Stone '07.

Timers--Coach Lathrop, L. P. Dodge '08, G. Emerson '08.

Field Judges--E. J. Ford 3L., H. E. Kersburg '07, W. Peirce '07, B. T. Stephenson, Jr., '08, R. G. Harwood '09, F. P. Farquhar '09.

Measurers--L. V. Bartlett '10, H. S. Bryant '10, W. O. Kenney '10, J. L. Stofidard '10.

Starter--P. Dana '04.

Clerk of Course--W. P. Fuller '10.

Assistant Clerks of Course--H. A. Reiling '10, M. Waide '10.

Scorer--H. T. Gleason '09.

Announcer--G. D. Pirnie '10