Second Baseball vs. Dean Academy

The University second baseball team will play its second scheduled game this afternoon at 3.30 o'clock with Dean Academy at Franklin. The team will leave the Square at 1 o'clock sharp to take the 2 o'clock train from the South Station.

As Dean Academy has a strong team this year, having recently defeated the Yale freshmen, 9 to 7, a close game should result. The heavy batting of the second team should help it considerably.

The batting orders:

The following should be in the Square promptly at 1 o'clock to go to Franklin: Beebe, Bird, Evarts, Frye, Harding, Keefe, Little, Paine, Powers, Rowley, Usher, Withington, and Arrowsmith, manager. SECOND TEAM.  DEAN. Keefe, 3b.  3b., Grant Paine, s.s.  r.f., Walden Powers, 2b.  2b., Daley Harding, 1b.  c., Tasker Bird, c.f.  l.f., Winslow Usher, l.f.  s.s., Dickenson Frye, r.f.  1b., White Evarts, c.  c.f., Dutton Withington, Little, Beebe, p.  p., Porter

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