Deutscher Verein Dinner on Friday

The annual dinner of the Deutscher Verein, which will be held in the Trophy Room of the Union on Friday evening at 7 o'clock, has been arranged in honor of the officers of the German warship "Bremen," at present anchored in Boston harbor. Mr. W.T. Reincke, the German consul at Boston, Professor Munsterberg, Professor Francke, Professor Peabody, who was visiting professor to the University of Berlin last year, and Professor Schofield, recently appointed visiting professor for next year, will also be among the invited guests. Tickets to the dinner, at $2 each, may be obtained by the members of the Verein from the secretary, H. von Kaltenborn '09.

The annual baseball game between the Deutscher Verein and the Cercle Francais will probably be played on Friday afternoon in the presence of the visiting officers from the "Bremen."

Next fall the Deutscher Verein will begin a series of regular fortnightly meetings at which prominent Germans will speak. These meetings will be in charge of the newly elected officers, who are as follows: president, E.F. Hanfstaengl '09; vice-president, H.C. Knoblauch '08; secretary, H. von Kaltenborn '09; treasurer, J.W. Baker '08; fifth member, O.L.M.H. Lyding '09.