In Yesterday's Practice.--Two Shifts in Second.--Noticeable Improvement.

Yesterday afternoon the University crew rowed in the same order as on Monday, and considerable improvement was shown. In the second crew, Swaim was shifted to the other side of the boat and was out in at 6 in place of Mulligan. Morgan took Swaim's former seat at 3. Both crews rowed up to the Brighton bridge together and the advance over the ragged rowing shown on Monday, caused by the shake-up, was very noticeable. Wray coached from the launch, but gave the men only light work, as the rough water prevented the crews from going downstream at all.

Changes in the Freshman Eight.

The Freshman crews have also undergone several shifts since Saturday's race. Meyer, who stroked the first crew, has been laid off for a time and Bacon is being tried out in his position. Buxton has been moved down in the boat from 4, to replace Bacon, who has been rowing at 6. Deming and Sargent were both tried at 4 yesterday. The first two crews rowed up and back to the Brighton bridge twice and practiced starts.

The Orders.

The orders were as follows:

University crew--Stroke, Farley; 7, Richardson; 6, Glass; 5, Severance; 4, R. Bacon; 3, Faulkner; 2, Lunt; bow, Burchard; cox., Blagden.

Second crew--Stroke, G. Bacon; 7, Amberg; 6, Swaim; 5, Hanfstaengl; 4, Fahnestock; 3, Morgan; 2, Macdonald; bow, Wiggins; cox., Arnold.

Freshman first crew--Stroke, Bacon; 7, Marvin; 6, Buxton; 5, Wyman; 4, Deming, Sargent; 3, Coit; 2, Loring; bow, Morgan; cox., King.

Freshman second crew--Stroke, Sargent, Deming; 7, Beard; 6, Waid; 5, Macleod; 4, Jose; 3, Forster; 2, Frye; bow, Haddon; cox., Adams.