With the departure of the crew for Red Top the final stage of preparation for the Yale race has begun. It cannot be denied that an unusual amount of hard luck has fallen to the lot of the crew authorities this year. Sickness, bad weather, and the difficulty of choosing the best men for certain positions, have all had their share in postponing the final selection of an eight. The Columbia race was unsatisfactory, but in the contest on Lake Cayuga, handicapped though they were, the men showed what they could do on an unfamiliar course, and under adverse conditions.

At present the squad is in good condition and the order is generally supposed to be settled, barring accidents. The crew has more than two weeks before the race and in this time should continue to improve and develop into winning form. The University feels that the crew has the material and the coaching which will assure a victory, and the men who leave today should feel that they have the confidence of the whole University behind them. An opportunity for a tangible expression of this confidence is offered by the cheering this afternoon in the Square.