Of President Eliot and the College Made by Leon Deschamps.

An arrangement has been made with the distinguished French medallist, Leon Deschamps, to make a medal, on one side of which will be a portrait of President Eliot, and on the other side, in relief, the Johnson Gate with Harvard Hall in the background. This arrangement has been made through the initiative of Mr. F. A. Delano '85 and through the kindness of Mr. H. Walters '74. Two thousand of these medals are to be struck in bronze, and if there is demand for more, fresh dies can be prepared and more medals struck off. These medals will not only combine a good bas-relief of President Eliot by a famous medallist, but also a memento of the College.

It is proposed to sell these medals to graduates and officers and students of the University at Five Dollars apiece, a sum which will approximately cover the bare cost of the medal, the cost of importation, duties, etc. The medals will be placed with Mr. E. H. Wells '97, Secretary of the Harvard Alumni Association, 50 State street, Boston; with the Secretary of the Harvard Club of New York City, N. Y., and at the office of Mr. Delano in Chicago, where they can be had by applying to Mr. John DeLaMater, 515 Western Union Building.