The Pop Concert

Following is the program for the Pop Concert in Symphony Hall this evening: 1.  March, "Ompsk-ut,"  Keene 2.  Overture, "Merry Wives of Windsor,"  Nicolai 3.  Waltz, "Artist's Life,"  Strauss 4.  Selection, "The Geisha,"  Jones 5.  Overture, "Oberon,"  Weber 6.  Soli for Violin,  Strube   a Romance.   b A Dance.   Mr. William Krafft. 7.  Selection, "Samson and Delilah,"  Saint-Saens 8.  Two Slavic Dances  Dvorak 9.  "Fire Charm,"  Wagner 10.  Waltz, "Amour et Printemps,"  Waldteufel 11.  Selection, "It Happened in Nordland,"  Herbert 12.  March, "King Karl,"  Unrath