The Pop Concert

Following is the program for the Pop Concert in Symphony Hall this evening: 1. March from "Queen of Sheba,"Gounod 2. Waltz, "Artists' Life,"  Strauss 3. Selection, "La Boheme,"  Puccini 4. Overture, "Stradella,"  Flotow 5. Overture, Fingal's Cave,"  Mendelssohn 6. Violoncello Solo, "Waldesruhe,'  Dvorak Mr. Josef Keller. 7. Ballet Music from "Coppelia,"  Delibes   a "Dance of the Automatons."   b Valse. 8. Overture to "Gwendoline,"  Chabrier 9. Prologue from "I Pagliacci,"  Leoncavallo 10. Selection, "Dream City,"  Herbert 11. Waltz, "Harlequin's Journey,"  Zach 12. March, "Tambour Battant,"  Messager