Appointments by the Corporation

The following appointments, for three years from September 1, were made at the last meeting of the Corporation: P. C. Knapp '78, clinical instructor in diseases of the nervous system; R. B. Greenough '92, instructor in surgery. For one year from September 1: Paul Clemen, Ph.D., visiting professor of German art; Lyman Abbott h.'90, D.D., LL.D., J. G. K. McClure, D.D., LL.D., G. A. Gordon '81, D.D., P. S. Grant '83, S.T.B., S. A. Eliot '84, D.D., preachers to the University; C. D. Tenney, LL.D., lecturer on Chinese history; G. G. Wilson, Ph.D., lecturer on international law; L. F. Schaub '03, LL.B., instructor in quasi-contracts; H. S. Deming '05, instructor in public speaking; A. S. Pease '04, Austin teaching fellow in zoology; P. W. Groff, S. B., Austin teaching fellow in botany; J. M. Adams '03, Ph.D., assistant in physics; W. A. Spicer, Jr., '05, assistant in government; W. M. Shohl '05, assistant in economics.