Twenty-two Men from 1908 and First Nine from 1909.--Officers Chosen.

Twenty-two men from the class of 1908 and the first nine from the class of 1909 have been elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Society. In the list below the names are arranged alphabetically, and not according to rank in scholarship or the order of election. The officers elected by the immediate members, and the names of the four additional members from the class of 1907 are also given. Hereafter the additional members will be chosen directly by the Senior members of the Society instead of being nominated by the Senior members and elected by the immediate members.


Edward Switzer Allen.

Henry Raven Gilbert.

Grover Charles Good.

George Franklin Hoysradt.

Richard Lawson Knowles.

Robert Lyman Niles.

Laurence Bradford Packard.

James Max Rosenthal.


Warren Wiley Cole.

Ralph Maurice Corson.

Arthur Johnson Eames.

Spencer Ervin.