There will be no competition this fall open to Freshmen for positions on the editorial board of the CRIMSON. It has been the case in former years that first-year men entering an exacting competition have found it extremely difficult to keep up their other College duties and it has in some cases served more or less to isolate men in the first few months of their College career--a condition to be avoided if possible. It is unfortunate to drag a man down in his work the first half-year and handicap him with the task of working his way into favor again. The Freshman entering a competition only a fortnight after arriving in Cambridge is at a complete loss for a week or two, and after that he finds himself considerably behind his more experienced Sophomore competitor. It is also true, obviously enough, that a man working under strange conditions, in a world totally different form the school or home life he has left the previous year, is of less value than one who is familiar with his surroundings. These reasons have seemed sufficient to warrant its discontinuance.

The first competition for the class of 1912 will be held in the spring. The competition which starts this evening will be the third one form the present Sophomore class, and it is hoped a large number of men will enter. Experience has shown these contests to be of permanent value in many ways and the experience to be gained is wide.

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